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About us

Evris Foundation is a non-profit private foundation, according to Icelandic act no. 33/1999 concerning foundations engaged in business. Evris Foundation was founded to share Icelandic knowledge and experience with other European countries and vice versa.  We strongly believe that sharing know-how will facilitate problem-solving and the development of new solutions by public agencies, businesses and the third sector. We think that EU, Nordic and EEA Grants, funds & programmes are the best way to finance this transfer of knowledge – to the benefit of all stakeholders involved.

The team

Anna Margret Gudjonsdottir, CEO / Founder. Email: annamargret@evris.eu
Bryndis Palmarsdottir, Project Manager – Civil Society, Justice and Home Affairs, Education, Environment, Gender Equality.
Email: bryndis@evris.eu
Thorgeir Olafsson, Senior Adviser – Culture and Cultural Heritage.
Email: thorgeir@evris.eu


Asa Hreggvidsdottir, Chair of Board.
Anna Margret Gudjonsdóttir
Thorgeir Olafsson
Johanna Bjork Gudjonsdottir
Jon Benedikt Bjornsson

Registration number of Evris Foundation ses: 440314-0150
VAT number: IS 116194

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