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Evris’ record as a coordinator and partner in EU and EEA Grants projects covers different areas ranging from culture to public health, education, human resources development and public administration. See our experience in “Our success”. Having Evris Foundation in your project will inspire confidence throughout the evaluation process. Currently we are involved in several projects supported by EEA Grants – see below.

In 2018 Evris Foundation

was awarded the “Erasmus+ Award” in Iceland for the best project and project management within in Adult education. “Be Active in Lifelong Learning” or just “BALL” was a very successful project (see more below) and gained a lot of attention and here you can listen to a BBC Radio 4 program about it (minute 28:50):

Ongoing projects

Sar Upre!

Sar Upre! is a new project promoted by Slovo21 a non-governmental organisation in Czech Republic in partnership with Evris Foundation. The main objective of the project, promoted by Slovo21, is to develop competences and classroom-based skill of educational professionals (i.e. teacher at pre-primary, primary and secondary schools) and multipliers working in educational institutions (teacher trainers), tasked with supporting inclusive approaches and working with Roma pupils and students.





UAveiroGreenBuildings project aims to develop a methodology, based on the principles of sustainable construction and the circular economy, for buildings´ rehabilitation and maintenance projects. The project has two essential partners for this: Platform for Sustainable Construction Association – CentroHabitat and EVRIS Foundation, in cooperation with the engineering firm Verkís, which with their expertise will contribute to the methodology foundations.

The project will contribute to the development of a transversal methodology, based on the principles of circular economy, with direct application on architecture projects for the rehabilitation and maintenance of the University of Aveiro buildings namely through:

  • Adoption of more sustainable solutions, in the design phase, considering the use of recyclable materials and waste management;
  • Monitoring of implementation of environmental criteria promoting continuous improvement of environmental performance.

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