EVRIS Foundation

What we do

EVRIS FOUNDATION transfers Icelandic knowledge from private and public entities and independent experts to EEA Grants beneficiary countries. We participate in projects as a donor state partner. Our project managers are highly qualified in terms of education and experience. We build a tailor-made team of Icelandic experts with defined and requested expertise for each project.

With our cooperation with various domestic public authorities, institutions, companies and individual experts we can ensure that you always get some of the best experts in each field.

Iceland is a melting pot

for just about anything. Currently there is a major uplift in entrepreneurship and technological innovation in many industries, like green industry, clean energy, biotechnology, marine industry, design and more. Our public service is small but effective due to long tradition of meeting all our national and international obligations with few people ……. we´re only 320.000 inhabitants in the country! And last but not least – there’s great interest in European cooperation in Iceland.

Interested in having Evris Foundation as a partner in your next project? Feel free to contact us. Here’s our contact info:

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